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Whether you are looking to improve your sleep, balance your hormones, increase energy, lose weight, or simply have questions, our Best You Program can help.

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Why choose our Best You Program?


Are you are like thousands of others who have been told by your doctors, "Everything is fine" but you're struggling with fatigue, insomnia, and feeling overwhelmed?


Are you dealing with mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, or simply down and wondering why this is happening to you?

Searching for Answers?

Are you feeling as though the medical professionals weren't digging deep enough? Do you also feel as though your symptoms are being overlooked by your healthcare professional?

You're probably right.

Healthcare professionals often graze over critical components of a thorough evaluation, which inevitably leads to an incomplete or inacurate diagnosis.

Refuse to be a victim to the traditional healthcare model that aims to capitalize on your pain by offering nothing more than a one-size-fits-all treatment plan.

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Here's Why You Will Love This Program

This program works to identify the underlying causes of persistent symptoms

We can customize care plans for your UNIQUE needs.

It's time to get




It is absolutely imperative that you seek the heartfelt care you so desperately need and deserve.

Refuse to accept subpar medical care.

Your health depends on it.

Meet Your Wellness Coach: Kelley

Hi, I am Kelley Kirchner!

I'm the Wellness Coach and Patient Care Coordinator at Vitalis Advanced Health.

Before you get started with our Best You program, why not take 15 minutes and let's do a FREE 15 minute phone wellness consultation!

I'm looking forward to talking with you!

What is a wellness consultation?

In this consultation we will review your:

  • Medical history
  • Lifestyle
  • Diet
  • Exercise and other stress relief activities

In addition to this, the consultation will help identify your goals, your expectations and your commitment to achieving your goals.

Who is this consultation for?

Our consultations are focused on identifying areas of concern, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Improved Sleep Quality and Habits
  • Healthy Weight
  • Inflammation Reduction
  • Immune System Support
  • Hormone Balance
  • Increased Energy
  • Brain Health (brain fog, memory, mood)
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

What is the process?

First, schedule a consultation. 

Second, identify goals and expectations with our wellness consultant. You'll be speaking with Kelley, our wellness consultant. She'll question you about your health history and goals. She'll see if you are a good fit for our Best You program, or other customized options. 

Kelley is not a salesperson and she won't be asking for your credit card number, so you can put your wallet away. The consultation is just a call to see if we are a good fit for you and vice versa.

Third, get started on your path towards the best you!

Get on with the challenge now. Start today!

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Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

I've been all over

"I've been to doctors all over, I've pretty much done everything. I think one thing that has eased my mind is just being able to come down here and have a plan."

-Erica W

I got my life back

""I feel like I got my life back. I feel like I've been given another chance, a second chance to live my best life."

-Glenda H

They looked at the BIG Picture

"They looked at the big picture, they looked at my nutritional issues, they looked at the fact that I needed to get some energy a couple days I could feel the difference."

-Tom J

They really listen

" What I love about them is that they really listen and they personalize the care."

-Janie S

Here's What You Get With This  Free Consultation

  • We will HEAR your concerns.

  • We will take you SERIOUSLY.

  • We will PRIORITIZE your care.

  • We will look for ANSWERS.

  • A customized personal care plan is finally AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.

  • Reach out to us today!

    The Call is FREE

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    Are You Ready to Better Your Lifestyle and

    Unleash Unlimited Health and Energy?

    It just takes 21 days to change your bad habits, to change your lifestyle for the better. And here is you opportunity with a customized-for-you program and an ever encouraging support group.

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