Natural Primary Care

As one of Missouri’s most comprehensive integrative healthcare clinic, Vitalis Advanced Health offers patients of all ages an alternative to invasive and often painful medical procedures. The methodologies of integrative care allow the body to heal itself, ridding the patient of symptoms, and halting the progression of chronic illness. In some cases we are even able to reverse its effects!

Within the Kirchner Clinic, Vitalis Advanced Health was established by the same team of healthcare professionals you’ve trusted for years. The addition of naturopathic and integrative care allows us to treat our patients at a more intensive level than ever before. Natural primary care gives more power to the patient by integrating traditional with cutting edge treatment protocols. Through nutritional advice, supplements, exercise recommendations, lifestyle changes, and natural therapies, even serious illnesses such as diabetes can be more effectively addressed. Our work within the clinic will increase your healing not only on our property, but also at home.

At Vitalis Advanced Health, we are committed to natural healthcare for all. We combine preventative, alternative, and traditional treatments in order to provide our patients with the high-quality care we believe they deserve. We promise discretion, compassion, and gentle care to each of our valued patients.

Find out just how far this commitment to care really goes by scheduling your next appointment with us.

"They looked at the big picture, they looked at my nutritional issues, they looked at the fact that I needed to get some energy back…in a couple days I could tell the difference."

-Tom J.

"I feel like I've been given another chance, a second chance, to live my best life."

-Glenda H.

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